Israel String Art Tutorial


What you’ll need:

-box of nails ( I used Exterior Galvanized 4d 1 1/2″ nails)

-plank of wood (pine was the most affordable. My art is on a plank that is 2′ x 4′)

-paint (I used white wall paint)

-embroidery string



1. Paint the wood. Allow it to dry. Put a second coat on it. Allow it to dry for 24 hours.

2.Tape the map onto the wood.









3. Hammer in the nails along the border of the country.







4. Gently rip the map off, holding down on the nails as you rip it off that area.


5. Tie the string around one nail and make a double knot.

6. Loop string over and around each nail continuing all the way around until you reach the original nail you started with. Then repeat in the opposite direction.

7. Repeat step #5 3 times on each side

8.Then, start looping around each nail, switching direction with each nail (in the shape of an 8) until you attain the desired affect. Do not cut the string yet!

9. Pull the string across the center at random angles, making sure to loop around each nail you choose. When you like what you see, tie a double knot and cut the string.