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What is this all about?

With this virus taking over our lives, all over the news, hearing terrible news about people we love losing their loved ones, it is quite understandably easy to fall into the darkness.

Together, we will do our best to lift everyone’s spirits by spreading light in this time of darkness!

How will we do that?

We will do 1 (sometimes 2) meaningful actions a day to bring positivity into our lives and others.

  1. All days will include one action that will bring a smile to someone else.
  2. Some days will also include another action that will bring strength and happiness to you.

Which dates will we do the challenges?

Monday – Friday (April 27 – May 1)

And then,

Sunday-Thursday (May 3 – May 7)

How should you participate?

You decide if and what you would like to share with others. You will receive the background template for the daily challenge and a link to the blogpost with the details of the day’s challenge, in your daily email. Save the template image to your phone and use it to add your text  to it.

You may decide to share the full details of your challenge one day, be vague and general for a different challenge and then decide not to share at all on a different day! It is completely up to you!

What do you recommend if we do NOT want to share with others?

Use a notebook or create a “10 Day Challenge” tab in your notes app on your phone, so you can journal about each day (it may be nice to look back at it in the future!).

If we DO want to, how should we share with others?

There are no official rules, but I will list some recommended options:

  1. Share on your Instagram feed*
  2. Share in your Instagram stories*
  3. Share in the comments of the blogposts that will be added here each day (you’ll get an email with a direct link each day)!

*If you do share your challenges on Instagram, please add the tag #10DAYGRATITUDECHALLENGE. You can tag me too if you’d like (if you tag me and don’t want me to reshare, DM me and write, “don’t share” after you tag me. I will always check my DM’s first before resharing. If you don’t write anything, I will assume you’re fine with the reshare. My insta account is

Why are we sharing on social media (again, not required)?

It would be wonderful to get more people excited about this challenge. When they join us, we will have a greater impact on adding positivity and lifting people’s spirits!

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DAY 1 OF THE #10DAYGRATITUDE - by Style by Mimi G, interior decorator and e-designer, servicing NY and NJ      DAY 2 OF THE #10DAYGRATITUDE - by Style by Mimi G, interior decorator and e-designer, servicing NY and NJ      DAY 3 OF THE #10DAYGRATITUDE - by Style by Mimi G, interior decorator and e-designer, servicing NY and NJ