Designing an Airmont High-ranch

Designing an Airmont High-Ranch


Let’s begin with everyone’s favorite part,

the before…

and the after…

The owners of this high-ranch contacted me right before they moved into their new home.  They are a sweet couple with young children. They wanted to move away from the traditional look they had in their old place, to a more modern look. The only furniture they brought to their new home, was a hutch that had sentimental value to them.

The hutch was very traditional, so I kept that in mind while choosing the furnishings.  The tufted accent chairs, tufted ottoman, and the bling from the different metallic accents, add elegance to the modern look.    

With their open-floor plan, it was very important to choose kid-friendly furniture. I did what I could to help my clients avoid the-parents-face-of-horror. You know, the face parents get when their sweet innocent toddler hops off the dining room chair heading to wash the spaghetti sauce off their cute little hands and, on the way, making sure to touch…EVERY…SINGLE…SURFACE (I know you’ve been there!)!!!  So, I stuck with leather for the sofa and ottoman/coffee table and dark teal velvet for the accent chairs.

The husband really liked the black and white look, so I chose these throw pillows to go with this amazing ottoman/coffee  table. I stuck to black, white, neutrals and small pops of different shades of teal to tie the accent chairs into the room (here’s the color palette I referred to:  I added lots of texture and, of course, a lot of plants!

I created this unique arrangement of decorative items on a round tray by adding very cool looking succulents to this black pedestal vase and added a pretty oval bowl. Together they create nice contrast and break up the boxiness of the white squared vase. 

Placing this trailing succulent plant in a hammered copper cup left them with this beauty!  

These coasters are beautiful! It’s good I don’t have them at my house, because I’d find any excuse to use them and end up with a drinking problem! 

Love what you see? Tired of endlessly pinning items on Pinterest that you never actually purchase?

I can help you create a home or office you love!

I have 4 service options available; E-Design, Full Service,   2-Day Styling Service and Consultation for the DIYer. Visit my services page for full details.


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  1. What a beautiful bedroom retreat you created. Each of your settings has such a different feel which makes me think you design for each specific customer. Want to live in that room. Beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much! That is EXACTLY what I do. Whenever I shop, I make sure to channel the client I am shopping for. thank you for your wonderful feedback!

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