DAY 1!



This is a 2 part challenge. Don’t get scared off! You can definitely handle this one! Now, everyone has had an experience in their life where they walked away after meeting or speaking to someone and were left in awe by someone’s generosity.

Maybe it was a teacher that kindly volunteered to help catch you up, helping  you after class for a whole semester?

Was it a friend or family member that were quick to offer you a large amount of money to help you out in a time that you were at your lowest?

Or maybe it was someone that made a bunch of phone calls to get you a job at office you wanted so badly?

Was it a parent that saw you struggling with your kids one day, so they called to have your kids play at their house and even gave them dinner?

Whatever their kindness was, it left a strong impression on you.

The first part of your challenge is to send that special person a message to let them know how much their acts of kindness meant to you( you can use the “Thank you” template I emailed you).

The second part of the challenge is to pay it forward to someone you think that you can help- ex. teach someone something that will help them at work, etc. (you can use the “This I.O.U. is for…” template I sent you).

You can do any of the following (must be today though!):

  1. Post who you chose and why in the comments below
  2. Tag them in your Instagram feed or stories
  3. Or,  just do the challenge and keep it for yourself in a journal (or your phone’s notes app)!