Traditional Master Bedroom Design (with a modern twist)

Style by Mimi G, Interior Decorator, Interior Stylist, Monsey, New York



Interior Decorator, Rockland County, NY

There’s nothing that tops the feeling of a returning client! I had the privilege of working with this client when she updated her living room. Since then, every time I would see her, she would tell me, “It’s not right! Every time I walk into my living room, I cannot help but smile and have a sense of serenity. Then, I walk into my bedroom and I’m jealous of my living room!” She told me that she never realized that surrounding yourself with beauty was so important for your well-being.

Finally, when she couldn’t take looking at her blah room anymore, I got the call to design her bedroom. Her bedroom set had Old World style with regal elegance. She had a big cozy wingback chair that was perfect for curling up with a book. Everything else had to go!

After discussing the style and feel of the room with my client, I came up with a plan. Traditional romantic sophistication with a modern twist. I started with choosing paint. The walls were a very pale pink, which did nothing for the room. I searched for a rich corally pink that would complement the wood tones of the furniture. I first tried a few samples on the wall before I made a final decision (NEVER skip this step! Unless, of course, you really like re-painting).

As soon as the room was painted, it was shopping time! I found all these pillows at Homegoods in one trip, and if you know the store Homegoods, you know that was nothing short of a miracle! I styled them on my client’s bed and she was sold.  It was love at first sight!



This Kravet duvet cover is gorgeous! It has an animal-like print on it, with metallic silver speckled detail. I layered on a faux fur throw to add more luxury, texture and interest. Although there are a bunch of different patterns in the bedding, they work well together because they are all neutral. If you stick with a tight color palette, you can really get away with a lot (especially when you’re dealing with neutrals)!


 In our last project together, my client loved the added energy that color brought to the room. Not wanting to upset the feeling of tranquility, I made sure to lightly sprinkle color throughout the room.  Framing these sheets of handmade marbled art in gold was not only simple, but was a great starting point for the color palette. DIY at it’s best!



To lighten up the mood of the room, I added a splash of modern. Marbled art in clean-lined frames, white fur rugs, a simple tall glass vase and other decor brought this traditional room to 2017.




I looked for a mirror to bounce some light around the room. I wanted it to be subtle, so the room would maintain a serene feel. This mirror really caught my eye. The ivory colored shell tiles are elegant, yet quiet. I also love how the curves in the mirror echo the arches in the art deco pillows.




This hanging planter was actually sold as a lantern. It came with a glass cylinder which I removed, creating this magnificent beauty. I went to the local nursery and picked up 5 small ivy plants, then cut a plastic planter down in order to fit it in the lantern “cage”. I placed each plant inside, through the “cage”, one at a time. So worth the effort! Love how it turned out!



The candles dispersed throughout the room promote a calm surrounding and a perfect place to reflect and meditate (another request of my client). My client recently told me she was away on a trip. When she returned, she was completely drained. She got home, opened her bedroom door, sighed with relief and then smiled. The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that my completed projects becomes the daily joy of some really wonderful people!




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